MS 1302-c Piman songs

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Russell, Frank, 1868-1903
Songs in Piman, mostly without translation and interspersed with notes in
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85 Pages

Scope and Contents
Scope and Contents
List of songs: a- Eagle, 5 verses, 2 pages. b- Swallow, 9 verses, 4 pages. c- Basket Run, 3 verses, 1 page. d- Middle Run, 6 verses, 2 pages. e- Naming, 12 verses, 4 pages. f- Straight, (3) 8 ? verses, 1 page. g- Tie, 4 verses, 1 page. h- Girl's disease, 5 verses, 2 pages. i- Butterfly, 8 verses, 2 pages. j- Navitcho, 2 verses, 1 page. k- Crop abundance or song of North people, 4 verses, 1 page. l- Fetish or Kokpu, 4 verses, 1 page. m- Myiawold, 4 verses, 1 page. n- Owl song, 4 verses, 1 page. o- Anonymous. 5 ? verses, 1 page. p- Children's play, 1 verse, 1 page. q- Ko-ldu haakam, 3 verses, 1 page. r- First set of rain, 12 verses, 4 pages. s- The other side of the earth, 6 verses, 2 pages. t- Songs of the earth 1. Songs of the earth, 2 verses, 1 page. 2. Songs of the earth, 2 verses, 1 page. 3. Songs of the earth, 1 verse, 1 page. u- Song of the Sun, 2 verses, 1 page. v- Song of the Moon, 2 verses, 1 page. w- Song of the Stars, 2 verses, 1 page. War Songs and Dances. x- Scalp Song, 6 verses, 2 pages. Disease songs y- Disease or Katuta, 4 verses, 2 pages. z- Song of the mice, 5 verses, 2 pages.
Scope and Contents
Songs, continued: aa- Bear's Song, 3 verses, 1 page. bb-The Song of the Turtle, 2 verses, 1 page. cc- Rabbit song, 2 verses, 1 page, dd- Pihol or Hikol (an unknown illness), 2 verses, 1 page. ee- Dog song, 3 verses, 1 page. ff- Coyote Song, 3 verses, 1 page. Game Songs. gg- Ta kald or Women's Cane song, 2 verses, 1 page. hh- Ball or foot-ball song, 3 verses, 1 page. Games. ii- Vaputai song (foreign), 4 verses, 1 page. jj- Shaman's song, 6 verses, 2 pages. kk- Song of the horned toad, 2 verses, 1 page. ll- Song of the wind, 6 verses, 2 pages. mm- Song of the black lizzard, 5 verses, 2 pages. Disease songs: nn- Rattlesnake song, 4 verses, 2 pages. oo- Black-tailed deer song, 4 verses, 2 pages. pp- Road Runner's song (a bird), 7 verses, 2 pages. qq- Badger song, 8 verses, 3 pages. rr- Gila monster song, 3 verses, 1 page. ss- Song of the lightning, 4 verses, 1 page. tt- Quail song, 2 verses, 1 page. uu- Song of the gopher, 2 verses, 1 page. vv- Song of the beaver, 2 verses, 1 page. ww- 1- Earth doctor's song before the flood, 2 pages. 2- Song of earth doctor when the people climbed river (cracked) mountain. 3- Song of south doctor or River ("cracked") mountain before the flood. 4- Song of the south doctor on River ("cracked") mountain. 5- Song sung by south doctor before the people bacame stones before the flood xx- Song sung by elder brother while climbing the stone cliffs around Eagle's Retreat- 2 verses, 1 page. yy- Song of Elder brother before becoming a fly, 1 verse, 1 page. zz- Song of Eagle's wife putting him asleep, 1 verse, 1 page. 3-a -Elder brothers song when entering his olla before the flood, 1 verse, 1 page. 3-b -Song elder brother sang during the flood, 1 verse, 1 page. 3-c -Song of elder brother on emerging from his olla after the flood, 3 verses, 1 page. 3-d -Second song of elder brother on emerging from his olla after the flood, 4 verses, 1 page. 3-e -Song sung by elder brother at the center of the earth, called the navel (Hi'k)- 4 verses, 1 page. 3-f- Songs of the medicine man, consisting of 18 songs. It is noted that in singing the first, consisting of 2 verses of 5 lines each, that one-half the first and one-half the second are sung after the completion of these two verses as a kind of refrain, and that this is repeated four times. All the other verses are sung in this manner. There is dancing; some of the dancers wear gourd masks, 7 pages. 3-g- Corn songs, numbered I, II, and III. Each is sung as many times as the occasion demands, 2 pages. 3-h- A list of war songs and dances, 1 page.

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Biographical / Historical
Date supplied by J. N. B. Hewitt in an attached note.

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NAA MS 1302-c

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Local Note
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