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Powell, John Wesley, 1834-1902

Scope and Contents
Scope and Contents
Manuscript 1795a (original) Volumes 1-11 (Numbers 6, 7. missing). Number 1 "Journal of Canon trip of 1869." 37 pages (Note). Number 2. "Geological Notes and sections, and Astronomical Record of 1869." 84 pages. Number 3. "Stewart's [John F. Steward ?] Notes and Sections." 81 pages. Number 4. "Notes on Language, Songs, & Mythology of the Pai-Utes for 1871." Numbers 4 and 11 together have ca. 238 pages. Number 5. "Journal from Green River to Browns Park; Journal commencing Sept. 2d at Henry's Butte with Compass bearings; also Journal from Mille Crag Bend to the crossing of the Fathers." 1871. 80 pages. Number 6. "Shinomo Language" (notebook covers only- no text)
Scope and Contents
1871 notes. Number 8. "Geological notes of 1870. (Land Trip)." 8 pages. Number 9. "Journal of the trip of 1872 through the Grand Canon." 13 pages. Number 10. "Geological notes of 1872 of Marble Canon, & Kanab Canon & Paria Canon. Also Section on the Kanab in 1871." 90 pages. Number 11. "Notes on Songs, Mythology & Language of the Pai-Utes, 1872." Numbers 4 and 11 together have 238 pages. No Number. [Notes in Powell's hand, apparently part of Journals, found in 2247 (although not listed on 2247 card), and transferred to 1795a.] Approximaetly 81 pages. Includes Paiute myth, Paiute (?) linguistic notes. The pages of Volumes 4 and 11 were transferred from Number 2247, where they were found intermingled. The volume to which these materials pertain is in doubt. Note that there is an entry in the manuscript list of the First Annual Report, Bureau of American Ethnology, page 574, as follows: "Notes on the Songs, Mythology, and Language of the Pai-Utes, 1871-'72. 194 page folio." Except for the size, this would seem to refer to Volumes 4 and 11 of the journals, whose contents were combined.
Scope and Contents
Manuscript 1795b: Typescript of Volumes 1, 2, 5, 8, 9, 10, or portions thereof. 93 pages. Volume 1 and portions of Volume 2 have been published with descriptive notes by William Culp Darrah, Utah Historical Quarterly, Volume 15, 1947, pages 125-139. Volume 1 begins July 2, 1869 at what is now Ouray, Utah. Nearly 100 miles of the trip had already been accomplished at this date. The beginning of the journal is not here. [Journal of John Colton "Jack" Sumner, formerly in this file, is now Number 4419.]
Scope and Contents
Volume 6 "Shinome Language," a Hopi vocabulary.
Scope and Contents
Ute contents: Volume 4 "Notes on the Language, Sound and the Mythology of the Pai-Utes for 1871." Vocabulary of Uinta Ute, a "Pa Ute" [vocabulary] from Jacob Hamblin," song texts in a Southern Paiute dialect of Ute with English translations, and Southern Paiute myths in English. Material copied from other manuscripts. Volume 11. "Notes on Songs, Mythology, and Language of the Pai-utes 1872." Additional vocabulary, grammatical notes and song texts in a Southern Paiute dialect of Ute, with myths in English.

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NAA MS 1795ab

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Local Note
John F. Steward's report on geology of Green and Colorado River, 1871, located 1/68, separately filed under Number 1925.
Local Note
Notebook with covers like others in this series marked "No. 12. Navajo Indians" is cataloged as Number 1445.
Local Note
Copies of portions or all of these volumes have been sent to: Wm. Culp Darrah, Medford, Massachusetts. Wallace Stegner, Stanford. University. Otis Masrton, Berkeley, California.
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autograph manuscript

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