MS 2445 Materials deriving from the study of a letter in the Apalachee language

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Swanton, John Reed, 1873-1958

Scope and Contents
Scope and Contents
1. Letter, handwritten in Apalachee. January 21, 1688. Photostat. 3 pages 2. Translation of letter, printed in Spanish. Photostat. 4 pages 3. Transcription of letter, typed; with handwritten interlinear translation in English. First draft by Swanton. 5 pages. 4. Transcription of letter, with interlinear translation in English. Second draft by Swanton. Typed, 5 pages. 5. English translation of letter by Swanton. Typed 5 pages. 6. Card index of Apalachee words, with numbered references to pages and lines of the text. 249 cards. On the microfilm reel the above items appear in the following order: 3,4,5,1,2,6.

Existence and Location of Copies
Microfilm reel 6

Local Numbers
Local Numbers
NAA MS 2445

Local Note
Local Note
See Haas, Mary R. The Position of Apalachee in the Muskogean Family, IJAL 15:2, Apl. 1949, pages 121-27. She writes: "Virtually all of the linguistic material on Apalachee that has been preserved is contained in ʹa letter in the Spanish and Apalachee languages,ʹ which was written for transmission to King Charles IIʹ and bears the date January 21, 1688. Swanton kindly provided me with a copy of this letter a few years ago..."

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Manuscript 2445, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution

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