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MS 3183 The Athapascan Indians of Southwestern Oregon and Northwestern California

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Waterman, T. T. (Thomas Talbot), 1885-1936
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Scope and Contents
Scope and Contents
Also sketch maps of (1) S.W. Oregon showing the Indian geographic names, Chetco and Rogue River area, and (2) of N.W. California showing Indian geographic names, Tolowa area; Plates showing map of rancheria of the Tututoni (Tututunne) and vicinity on Rogue River; map of rancheria and vicinity near main settlement on Rogue ; map of main rancheria of the Chetl-e-shin (Chetleschantunne) and vicinity near the mouth of Pistol River; photo of Indian woman marked "Delia- Lake Earl- 1901" (7 x 9"); 40 photos to accompany manuscript, also 15 photos marked "possibly of use".
Scope and Contents
Photographs assembled by T. T. Watermann to accompany Bureau of American Ethnology Manuscript 3183. (No Negatives). Descriptions in quotation marks are by T.T. Waterman. Arbitrary Number 1, Figure Number 1 Battle Rock, Port Orford, Oregon. (Post card.) 2,2 "View looking through the passage worn by the waves under Battle Rock." (Post card.) 3, 3 "View of the second village site, on the N. of the mouth of Rogue River. The shell heap is over the brow of the hill, on the extreme left of the observer." (Post card.) 4, 4 View of the mouth of the Rogue River. (Post card.) 5, 5 "View of the junction of Illinois River and Rogue River. The water entering at the observer's left is only a bayou. The houses with the smoke rising are on the point of land between the two rivers, which flow away to the right. The houses stand on the old village-site of TlegEt-tLintEn (Map 3, Number 28)." (Post card.) 6, 6 "View from old Indian village site, south side of Rogue River mouth, looking east." (Post card.) 7, 7 "View up the Winchuck River." (Post card.) 8, 8 "View looking up the Chetco River." (Post card; printed onto photo, "River View, Brookings, Oregon.") 9, 9 "Smith River from below S. Fork, looking north to Hill Creek." 10, 10a "Polly." Carrying basket of wood with burden strap. Smithsonian Institution Copy Negative 42,269-C. 11, 10b "Polly, from Lagoon (Tututni)." Smithsonian Institution Copy Negative 42,269-D.
Scope and Contents
Arbitrary Number 12, Figure Number 10c "Ellen, in Crescent City." Old woman making baskets. Smithsonian Institution Copy Negative 42,269. 13, 11a "Jim and Mary." Cushion Creek Indians. 14, 11b "...Indian (now deceased) living on Cushion Creek...Crescent City." Same man as in Arbitr. Number 15. Smithsonian Institution Copy Negative 42,269-A. (Post card.) 15, -- "Charlie (White House). Photo at Cushion Creek, Indian at door of sweat-house." Smithsonian Institution Copy Negative 42, 269-E. 16, 12 "South fork of Smith River, looking east." 17, 13 "From mouth of Smith River, looking north." 18, 14a Unidentified view of riverside conifers; post card. 19, 14b "Dunes by Dead Lake, which lies to the right." 20, 15a "Seal Rock Light. (NW Seal Rock)." (Post Card.) 21, 15b "The so-called South-west Seal Rock. Off Point St George." 22, 15c "Mussel Rock." (Post card.) 23, 16a "Pebble Beach, near Crescent City, looking west with Saddle Rock in distance." 24, 16b "View eastward from Sugar Loaf." 25, 17a "Rollin Mansfield." View of shoreline. 26, 17b "Stump Lake." (Post card.) 27, 17c "Looking eastward." Probably Pebble Beach; see Arbitr. Number 23, above. (Post card.) 28, 18a "View of the rock with one tree on it near Lover's Point, Crescent City." (Post card.) 29, 18b "Rock with one tree on it just north of Lover's Point, west of Crescent City, Calif." (Post card.) 30, 19a "Woody Island, looking east. Lover's Point in the background." (Post card.)
Scope and Contents
Arbitrary Number 31, Figure Number 19b "Looking west. Woody Island just peeks beyond rock in foreground." 32, 20a "Lover's Rock near Crescent City, looking west." 33, 20b Unidentified shoreline. 34, 21a "View of Crescent City from Lover's Rock, looking east, Siskiyou Range in the far distance." 35, 21b "View looking eastward from the eastern outskirts of Crescent City." (Post card.) 36, 22 "View of Crescent City from the east." 37, 23 "Looking south from Cushion Creek (in foreground)." 38, 24 "Looking north from end of beach. Cushion Creek in mid-distance." 39, 25a Crossed-out notation: "Chetco River, Ore. TTW looking into an elk pit." 40, 25b "TTW looking at the remains of a deadfall trap." Crossed-out notation: "Chetco River, Oregon." 41, 26. Unidentified shoreline. 42, 0 "Delia. Lake Earl, 1901." Smithsonian Institution Copy Negative 42,269-B. Photographer: A.W. Ericson Co., Arcata, Calif.
Scope and Contents
The following photographs in envelope marked,"Additional Tolowa photos possibly of use." Arbitrary Number 43 "Sea Rock near Crescent City." 44 "Woody Island, at Crescent City." Original publisher's Number CRM 12. 45 "Stump Lake, near Crescent City." 46 "Seal Rock lighthouse, Crescent City, Calif." (Post card. Orig. Number CRM 74 47 "Rock with one tree on it, near Crescent City." Original publisher's Number CRM 48 "Dead Lake." 49 "Lover's Rock, west of Crescent City." (Post card. Original Numer 29.) 50 "Flat east of Crescent City." 51 "Looking S. near Crescent City." (Post card. Copyright, Patterson. Original Number 835.) 52 "Sunset Beach, north of Crescent City." (Post card. Copyright, Patterson. Original Number 723.) 53 "Battle Rock, Port Orford, Oregon." (Post card. Copyright, Patterson. Original NUmber 710.) 54 "Pebble Beach, north of Point St George." (Post card. Copyright, Patterson. Original Number 817.) 55 "Looking north [on Crescent beach] toward Crescent City." (Post card. Copyright, Patterson. Original Number 813.) 56 "View up Smith River from near its mouth." (Post card. Initials E.D.S. and Original Number 88.) 57 "The sea at Crescent City. Looking east. Lover's Rock at extreme left."

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