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MS 4024-c Personal letters received by John Wesley Powell

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Powell, John Wesley, 1834-1902
Becker, G. F.
Bell, Alexander G.
Croly, D. G. Mrs
Cushing, Frank Hamilton, 1857-1900
Grant, Ulysses S. (Ulysses Simpson), 1822-1885
Horsford, Eben Norton, 1818-1893
McDonald, J. Wade
Minot, Charles F.
Nestler, Julius
Niblack, S. S.
Call, W., Hon
Owen, Edward T.
Parkman, Francis
PeƱafiel, Antonio, 1830-1922
Powell, Joseph
Powers, Stephen, 1840-1904
Sayles, Ira
Shaler, N. S.
Spencer, Herbert
Tylor, Edward Burnett
Vogdes, A. W.
Walcott, Charles D. (Charles Doolittle), 1850-1927
Hare, William H.
Welling, James C.

Scope and Contents
Scope and Contents
Contents: Becker, G. F. San Francisco, California. June 24, 1884. 1 page. Asking to be relieved of an inefficient clerical helper. Bell, Alexander G. Washington, D. C. December 17, 1884. 1 page. Invitation to dinner. Croly, Mrs D. G. New York City. 1884. 3 pages. Requesting photographs for International Bazaar at Cassel, Germany. Cushing, Frank Hamilton. Shelter Island, New York. October 31, 1885. 4 pages. Expressing appreciation for Powell's consideration during Cushing's illness. Grant, U. S. New York City. August 23, 1883. 2 pages. Requesting job for a widow. Horsford, E. N. Cambridge, England. November 19, 1883. 4 pages. Expressing strong interest in Cushing's field work and notes, and concern for his health. McDonald, J. Wade. Winfield, Kansas. January 6, 1896. 1 page. Concerning Powell's "The Organization of Scientific Work." Minot, Charles F. Boston, Massachusetts. November 7, 1884. 1 page. Enclosing letters referring to chairmanship of Committee on the international Congress. (Letters returned.) Nestler, Julius. Prague, Austria. November 17, 1907. [Date correct; salutation, "Dear Sir."] Re his proposed expedition to Bolivia. Niblack, S. S. to Hon. W. Call. Lake City, Florida. January 19, 1884. 2 pages. Enclosed with letter to Powell (missing). Re employment of one of Niblack family. Owen, Edward T. Madison, Wisconsin. May 7, 1901. 3 pages. Transmitting his article on pronouns (?). Parkman, F[rancis]. Boston. April 12, 1882. 3 pages. Concerning Bandelier's expeditions; and impression of F. H. Cushing. Penafiel, Antonio. Mexico City. February 27, 1886. 1 page. 7 transl., 1 page. Transmitting publications. Powell, Joseph. Towanda, Pennsylvania. May 13, 1884. 2 pages. Genealogical inquiry. Powers, Stephen. Waterford, Ohio. December 31, 1880. 2 pages. Sayles, Ira. Strawberry Plains, Tennessee. August 16, 1885. 5 pages. Enclosing 2 poems on Ulysses S. Grant. Shaler, N. S. Cambridge, Massachusetts. October 17 and 26, 1886. 2, 2 pages. Social invitations. Spencer, Herbert. Bayswater, W., England. July 2, 1883. 4 pages. Expressing interest in the Annual Reports of the Bureau of American Ethnology. Tylor, Edward B. Oxford, England. May 16 and October 17, 1884. 4, 4 pages. Concerning his trip to the U. S. and Canada. Vogdes, A. W. Governor's Island, New York. October 2, 1884. 3 pages. Re attack on a party of hunters ca. 1873 by Sioux Indians near Fort Fetterman. Walcott, Charles D. New York City. July 28, 1881. 3 pages. Re increase in salary. Walker, , Supt. of Census. Washington, D. C. August, 7, 1880. 1 page. Enclosing William H. Hare to Gen. Walker, August 3, 1880, 1 page. Re conduct of Samuel D. Hinman. Welling, James C. Washington, D. C. September 7, 1884. 2 pages. October 3, 1884. 3 pages. Re Powell's making Inaugural Address at New School of Science and Arts of the University of .

Custodial History
Forwarded to Bureau of American Ethnology from Director's office, 1957 and previously.

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Manuscript 4024-c, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution

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