MS 4125 Wichita texts and interlinear English; Kichai translations of 4 Wichita texts; and Wichita and Kichai vocabularies

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Swanton, John Reed, 1873-1958
Caley, Jose
Old Man Yellowbird
Hadden, John
April-November, 1919
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481 Pages

Scope and Contents
Scope and Contents
Includes Autograph Document (carbon copy) 96 pages. The Wichita texts are entitled, "Wichita Stories," and, except the first, numbered with Roman numerals (II-X). Each of the 10 sections is apparently a separate story, because each begins with an introductory formula. The Kichai translations of four of these Wichita stories are given numbers corresponding to the 4 Wichita stories. Each Kichai translation has an accompanying carbon copy. The vocabularies include separate Kichai and Wichita word lists and phrases as well as a short comparative vocabulary of the two. There is also 1 sheet containing words in other Indian languages as well as Wichita and Kichai.

Biographical / Historical
Biographical / Historical
Kichai informants: Josie Caley, Old Man Yellowbird, and "Wits and wife." John Hadden was the interpreter with Jose Caley. No Wichita informants are named by Swanton, but the informant for a Wichita version of a Pawnee story is recorded as saying that the "name of Old Pawnee who told him the story [was] giwakodadaka."
Biographical / Historical
The location and date of the collection of this material is mentioned in Bureau of American Ethnology-AR 40, page 5, and Bureau of American Ethnology-AR 41, page 7.

Local Numbers
Local Numbers
NAA MS 4125

Local Note
Local Note
The last 5 Wichita texts, the Kichai translations, and a 16 page Kichai vocabulary were formerly filed under Manuscript Number 4137. They were added to Manuscript Number 4125 as of 6/1970.
Local Note
autograph document

Other Title
Other Title
Wichita Stories

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Manuscript 4125, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution

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