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MS 4513 Miscellaneous notes by A.P. Niblack

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Niblack, Albert P. (Albert Parker), 1859-1929
Barnett, George
Swan, James G., 1818-1900
Gould, J. Loomis
Dawson, George Mercer, 1849-1901
Mason, Otis Tufton, 1838-1908
ca. 1885-1889
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1 Portfolio

Scope and Contents
Scope and Contents
Concern Indians of the Northwest Coast, mainly Tlingit and Haida.
Scope and Contents
Contents: (1) "Rough Notes: Unarranged. Ethnology of the N. W. Coast of America. Rough material from which smooth manuscript was prepared." March 10, 1889. Approximately 190 pages. Appears similar to text of Niblack, "The Coast Indians of Southern Alaska and Northern British Columbia," U. S. National Museum Report for 1888, Washington, 1890, pages 225-386. (2) "Notes on Hydah Indians, Alaska." 1886. Notebook, 35 pages. (19 microframes.) (3) Letter received from [George] Barnett. No date. 2 pages. Encloses notes on "Indian Steam Bath," 2 pages, "Indian Doctors Dance," 4 pages. (4) Description of an Indian cremation witnessed at Sitka, Alaska during the winter of 1886-87." ("as described for the writer by Lieut. George Barnett, U. S. Marine Corps.") 3 pages. (5) Letters received from James G. Swan, Port Townsend, Washington Territory. Material on N. W. Coast myths and Haida ethnology. 18 pages, total. July 7, 1885. 2 pages. November 5, 1885. 4 pages. May 4, 1886. 2 pages. December 2, 1886. 4 pages. December 20, 1886. 2 pages. October 18, 1888. 4 pages. (6) Letter received from J. L. Gould, Hydah Mission, Jackson, Alaska. August 5, 1886. 2 pages. Promises to forward myths. (7) Story of the Thunder, by Mr John. [From J. L. Gould.] Hydah Mission, Alaska, 1886. 4 pages. (8) Story of the Flood, by Mr John. [From J. L. Gould.] Hydah Mission, Alaska, August 25, 1886. 5 pages. (9) Drafts of letters sent by Niblack to "Prof." [S. F. Baird, Smithsonian Institution ?] April, June, 1889. 3 letters, 14 pages. Concern details of publication of Niblack's report.
Scope and Contents
(10) Letter of G. M. Dawson to O. T. Mason. March 25, 1889. Discusses published references to the Haida. 3 pages. (11) The Glacier. Tlingit Training Academy, Fort Wrangell, Alaska. Volume 1, Number 10, September, 1886 and Volume 2, Number 18, May 1887. 8 pages, total. Include articles on myths. (12) "A Hydah Legend." Newspaper clipping, No date. 1 page. (13) Descriptions of artifacts, carvings, or drawings ? 9 pages, legal size. (14) Miscellaneous fragmentary notes on odd-sized slips. Extracts from published sources, small unidentified sketches, page from expense account, etc. Of doubtful value. Approximately 33 pages. (15) Draft of a manuscript on the Juan Fernandez Islands, with sections on Alexander Selkirk, Daniel Defoe, and Robinson Crusoe. Approximately 85 pages, much disordered. Also printed copy of William Minto, Daniel Defoe, New York, 1884, 106 pages. (16) Photographs. Distant views of village or villages with totem poles. 4 prints, identified only as "Key I," "Key II," etc. On each, totem poles are numbered in red ink, but there is no accompanying description of the numbered poles. (17) Printed material, including the following: Boas, Franz. "The Development of the Culture of Northwest America." Science, Volume 12, Number 299, October 26, 1888, pages 194-196. Illustrations clipped from C. E. S. Wood, "Among the Thlinkits in Alaska," The Century Magazine, volume 24, number 3, July, 1882. 7 illustrations.

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