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Revista Aérea Latinoamericana
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The subject reference files of
Revista Aérea Latinoamericana
regarding aviation in Latin America during 1937-2003.

Scope and Content Note
Scope and Content Note
This collection consists of reference files from the Spanish-language monthly periodical
Revista Aérea Latinoamericana
. This collection is a virtual time-capsule of the evolution of aviation in Latin America over the 66-year period of publication, 1937-2003. The files include information on hardware and aircraft systems, as well as documentation on aeronautical educational enterprises in Latin America, aero clubs, sport aviation, military and naval aviation, indigenous manufacturing enterprises, and air transport. The material in the collection includes black-and-white and color photographs; color slides; domestic and foreign aerospace trade literature; speeches and lectures; news releases; and drawings.

    The collection is organized by subject and designated in parallel to the NASM Archives' Technical Reference Files as follows:
    Series A:
    Aircraft (Boxes 1-86; aircraft / lighter-than-air; each section by manufacturer and model)
    Series B:
    Propulsion (Boxes 87-101; engines / other propulsion equipment, each section by manufacturer and model)
    Series C:
    Biography (Boxes 102-111; by name, last name first)
    Series D:
    Organizations (Box 112; by name)
    Series E:
    Corporations (Boxes 113-133; by name)
    Series F1:
    Airlines (Boxes 134-135; by name)
    Series F4:
    Airports (Boxes 136; by name)
    Series G:
    Electronics and Communications (Boxes 137-143; navigation equipment / radar systems / communications equipment; each section by manufacturer and model)
    Series H:
    Education (Boxes 144-145; by name)
    Series J1:
    Events (Box 146; airshows and exhibits; by name)
    Series J2:
    Events (Box 146; flights; by name)
    Series K:
    Awards (Box 146; by name)
    Series M:
    Equipment (Box 147; by manufacturer and model)
    Series O:
    Space History (Box 148-150; spacecraft and systems / UAVs; by manufacturer and model)
    Series P:
    General Aviation (Box 151; by country)
    Series R:
    Art and Literature (Box 151; by country)
    Series S:
    Military (Box 152; by country)
    Series S2:
    Armament (Box 153-154; by manufacturer and model)
    Series U:
    Museums (Box 155; by country)
    Series Y:
    Misccellaneous (Box 155)
    Series Y1:
    Miscellaneous National History (Box 155)
    Series Y3:
    Miscellaneous Photography (Box 155)

Historical Note
Historical Note
Revista Aérea Latinoamericana
was created in 1937 as a Spanish-language version of the highly regarded US monthly
Aero Digest
aimed at the Latin American market. This region was seen as a rich potential market for export sales of aircraft, engines, and associated technology, and advertisers came to rely heavily on this publication to help promote their line in this lucrative market. When
Aero Digest
ceased publication in 1956 Colombian businessman Maximillian Garavito purchased
Revista Aérea Latinoamericana
and took over as editor and publisher. Upon his death in 1979 Elaine Asch-Root assumed control, dropping "Latinoamericana" from the title and expanding into the Spanish and Portugeuse markets. In 2010
Revista Aérea
began publishing a Portugeuse language edition as well as a revamped on-line version. In addition to its original role of communicating the latest in aviation technology to potential buyers, the magazine also highlights aviation-related news and events in Latin America and promotes aviation education and humanitarian aviation operations.

Dan Hagedorn and Pedro Turina
Processing Information
Where aircraft designations vary from those presented in the NASM
Directory of Airplanes
(Dana Bell, ed; London and Mechanicsburg (PA): Greenhill Books/Stackpole Books, 2002) as updated by the NASM Archives staff, terms have been added in square brackets [] to align the entry with the updated Directory designation. Some redesignated aircraft and some aircraft produced by multiple manufacturers may be found under both old and new designations or under multiple manufacturers. Also, in cases where a manufacturer's name has changed, the aircraft may be listed under both the old and new corporate name. An attempt has been made to cross-reference multiple entries using "see also," but researchers are cautioned such cross-referencing may not be complete. Entries marked "CR" under "Folder" are cross-references only rather than multiple entries.
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Elaine Asch-Root, gift, 2003, 2003-0028

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