SOVA Release Notes

Version 1.7.0(CURRENT RELEASE)


Version 1.7.0 restructures URLs to move record component ids into path and foregoing their appearance in hash anchors. Additional update remedies conflicts with a broser plugin.

SIRISSOVA-1003Remove Google Analytics event conflicting with browser Ad Block plugin
SIRISSOVA-1050Handle misalignments of legacy URLs using anchor hashes (e.g., #refID)
SIRISSOVA-1053Revise robots.txt for updated paths
SIRISSOVA-1054Ensure highlighting of query strings is consistent across the application
SIRISSOVA-1057Eliminate anchor hash (e.g., #refID) from SOVA component record urls
SIRISSOVA-1060Ensure highlighting of search querstrings convey over record browsing

Version 1.6.10


Version 1.6.10 updates navigation and semantic markup to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SIRISSOVA-1044Add basic semantic HTML elements
SIRISSOVA-1045Update HTML header tags for sensibility and continuity
SIRISSOVA-1046Display collection component ID in URL path with updates to navigation and internal links

Version 1.6.9


Version 1.6.9 updates capabilities of Digital Archival Object (DAO) rendering. Collection thumbnail images may now be served from other allowed Smithsonian websites, with a link to specified content at those websites. SOVA now supports two additional EAD tags for DAOs:

  1. <daoloc>, with xlink:role and xlink:href attributes
  2. <daogrp>, which encloses daoloc tags

Sova handles two xlink:role attribute values for <daoloc>:

  1. "image-thumbnail", which denotes the source of the thumbnail image to be displayed for the DAO
  2. "web-resource-link", which serves as the location users are taken to when the DAO figure is clicked

SIRISSOVA-979Support EAD <daogrp> and <daoloc> tags for Digital Archival Objects

Version 1.6.8


Version 1.6.8 addresses accessiblity concerns for color, text, and HTML structure.

SIRISSOVA-968Remove 'search=null' from page title where applicable
SIRISSOVA-972Resultcard Thumbnail cannot have <a href> followed by <div>
SIRISSOVA-973Encode facet-button value pair
SIRISSOVA-976Ensure applied facets buttons have accessible contrast
SIRISSOVA-977Remove 'Read More' link

Version 1.6.7


Version 1.6.7 migrates Google Analytics to Version 4.

  1. Javascript listeners in analytics.js updated with 'sova' event names
  2. Javascript listeners fed environment-appropriate GA-4 ID for Sova
  3. MS Clarity removed with end of BS5 upgrade
  4. Scan remediations for contrast, blank link tags, emphasis style
SIRISSOVA-851Replace Google Universal Analytics (UA) with Google Analytics 4
SIRISSOVA-974Sova Resultcard should use <strong> instead of bold css <span>
SIRISSOVA-975Update Release page to satisfy Contrast accessibility
SIRISSOVA-978Data-target src should not propagate as blank/empty
SIRISSOVA-981Remove MS Clarity from SOVA

Version 1.6.6


Version 1.6.6 adds robots.txt and updates design of repository-information modal.

  1. robots.txt directs search engine scans
  2. previous modal library colorbox.js is removed
  3. Boostrap is upgraded from 5.1.3 to 5.2.3
SIRISSOVA-957Replace Repository Modal With Bootstrap Modal
SIRISSOVA-952Lack of robots.txt file, or possible need for a sitemap

Version 1.6.5


Version 1.6.5 eliminates read-out "Start Transcribing Now" for Transcription Center links.

SIRISOVA-936Make 'Start Transcribing Now' link read 'Transcription Center'

Version 1.6.4


Version 1.6.4 updates homepage image thumbnails.

SIRISOVA-937"American Gardens" link on the front SOVA homepage is broken.

Version 1.6.3


Version 1.6.3 improves scrolling to anchors on collection record page.

SIRISOVA-922Search Within: Record Anchor Link Scrolls to Obscured Content
SIRISOVA-923Keep Dao Icon with EAD titleproper
SIRISOVA-925Transform Anchor IDs to One-Word String
SIRISOVA-927Browsing Directly To Anchor Subject To Page Reflow

Version 1.6.2


Version 1.6.2 reorganizes output of collection record ("Overview") page.

SIRISOVA-857Overview - Adding Fields
SIRISOVA-858Empty heading should not display

Version 1.6.1


  1. Improvement of downloads popover for tabbing
  2. Update SaxHandler to account for variance of "Creator" string
SIRISOVA-917Some SIA records not displaying creator field
SIRISOVA-916Download pdf/finding aid or XML/ EAD not working

Version 1.6.0


Version 1.6.0 introduces an updated layout and user-interface with two primary goals:

  1. allow faster scanning to evaluate relevancy of a search's results
  2. indicate where and what type of online media can be found in search results


The main SOVA search of Smithsonian Collections return results with an updated look. Each result is encapsulated in a bordered 'card' with a more compact layout. Results are accompanied by a thumbnail image or Online Media Type icon where applicable. The result-card's search-within link helps users evaluate relevancy of each returned Collection or Collection Item.

SIRISOVA-795Search results card mockup
SIRISOVA-752Display first available thumbnail on search results
SIRISOVA-821Replace Default Thumbnail Image for Sova Search Result Rows
SIRISOVA-826Match Phrasing as Search Within Results
SIRISOVA-827Test image boundary
SIRISOVA-833Signposting needed for search-card to search-in pathway
SIRISOVA-835Search Results Link
SIRISOVA-891Use spinner in search result card when waiting for search within link.


Online Media (aka Digital Asset Object or DAO) are pieces of a Collection which can be experience online in the browser. Sova now indicates which type of Online Media can be expected in a Collection or Collection Item to evaluate relevancy of a search. The current Online Media data types categorized are: Audio, Image, Video, PDF, and Electronic Resource. Each of these types are indicated by a distinct Bootstrap Icon, leveraging wide-used internet lexicon. The overarching 'Digitized Content' icon has been updated, yet can still inferred by and referred to as 'the little blue icon.' This icon signals there are one or more DAO types within the Collection or Collection Item. These icons will also be used as a 'thumbnail' for Collection or Collection Item when a representative image is not available.

SIRISOVA-748Customize digitized content icons
SIRISOVA-749Replace global digitized content "box" icon
SIRISOVA-760SOVA: Fancy Tree - Update digital media icon
SIRISOVA-797Standardize icon placement in search results and record detail
SIRISOVA-825New icon for Digital Content
SIRISOVA-882Digital Tab DAO Refinement


In addition to the Sova Search Result Cards, other parts of the sova layout have changed. All controls are restyled with Bootstrap 5 elements. The buttons for Downloading EADs or PDF have been consolidated into a pop-up. Applied facet buttons are more readable and also convey to subsequent searches with more-expected behavior.

SIRISOVA-773Downloads and Usage Statement - Record Page
SIRISOVA-798Repository Contact Update
SIRISOVA-817Move back sort by drop-down; BS5 site
SIRISOVA-820Click on image go to record
SIRISOVA-822Remove Top Pager
SIRISOVA-823Update to "Digital Content"
SIRISOVA-824Remove "Type: EAD_COMP"
SIRISOVA-831Update additional labels for current query’s facets
SIRISOVA-832Summary text in search cards
SIRISOVA-837Page Not Found Error
SIRISOVA-838Search input Error
SIRISOVA-866Search within link carry over digital-only filter
SIRISOVA-883Facet QA - video recordings


The revisions to user-interface controls extend to refinement and tuning of search queries, providing 'hit' counts where applicable. Data readouts, language and other data elements have been translated to be more useful in finding relevant material with the website.

SIRISOVA-753Hide unitid where EAD unitid audience is internal
SIRISOVA-815Digital Object not showing in Digital Tab
SIRISOVA-819Non-visual items missing icons in Digital Tab
SIRISOVA-844Search counts are not correct in search results tabs (Collections/All)
SIRISOVA-856Search facets are not applying correctly in SOVATest
SIRISOVA-862Remove Record/Contents view Digitization note
SIRISOVA-864test home page icon missing
SIRISOVA-881Update Digtial Only Search with "Electonic Resource" Edan Type
SIRISOVA-898Implement Custom Solution for Large Components
SIRISOVA-899Nested contents not indenting in SOVATest


All Sova pages now have the Bootstrap styling framework upgraded to v5. The updated Digital Tab has a similar 'card-like' approach for each results with discrete borders for precise scanning.

SIRISOVA-836Update Search Within to Bootstrap 5
SIRISOVA-840Add Card styling to the Digital Tab


The Bootstrap 5 framework has responsive layout design 'baked-in.' All Sova layouts were re-evaulated and updated for their responsiveness on smaller screens.

SIRISOVA-751Search within: At smaller screen sizes, the search within form does not wrap properly
SIRISOVA-754Make homepage responsive
SIRISOVA-861Address Card Alignment for small screens


Remaining tickets managing the update are below.

SIRISOVA-747Create requirements / actionable Jira items for updated digitized content items (SIRT-729)
SIRISOVA-84 Consolidate Bootstrap 5 and Previous Dev. Updates