Query: Mits'iwa (Eritrea)
Betty LaDuke collection
LaDuke, Betty
circa 1981-2018
2 Electronic discs (DVD)
4 Boxes (Printed Material (non-photographic))
11 Posters ((Oversize))
24 Prints (visual works)
2488 Negatives (photographic) (color , 35 mm)
3,194 Photographs (color , 20 x 24 inches or smaller)
Collection ID:
Eliot Elisofon Photographic Archives, National Museum of African Art

The collection dates from circa 1981 to 2018 and consists of photographic prints, negatives, posters, art prints, DVDs and printed and manuscript materials. Photographs depict architecture, agricultural work, beadwork, weaving, village scenes, artists, artists at work, artworks, markets, celebrations, scenic views, animals, churches and mosques. Most depict Kunama or Saho peoples, particularly women and children. LaDuke also regularly photographed war zones during the Border War, especially those in Nakfa and Gelebe, portraying Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps. Locations include villages in Ethiopia and Eritrea, particularly Senafe, Nakfa and Massawa, as well as Border War zones various battlefields and camps for internally displaced persons.

in EEPA.2007-003 for Mits'iwa (Eritrea)