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Fitzgerald, Ella, 1917-1996
Webb, Chick, 1909-1939
Murphy, Spud
2 Items (manuscripts, 32 cm.)
1 Item (copy score, 32 cm.)
14 Items (conductor score and/or parts (Published sheet music), 27 cm.)
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Archives Center, National Museum of American History

13 parts and an indefinite number of scores.

A-tisket a-tasket is contained in two folders consisting of 1 published two-page short score, 1 published five-page piano conductor score and 12 published parts in F Major concert, and 1 seven-page short score, 1 three-page short score and 1 part in C Major concert -- in ink and pencil -- in unidentified hands (Whaley, other?).

Folder A contains published items in F Major. Short score indicates parts for voices - tenor 1, tenor 2, baritone. Lyrics begin "I found my yellow basket, oh yes, I really did ...". Piano conductor score indicates parts for saxes, trumpet, violin, voice. Lyrics begin as above. Parts for 4 reeds - alto 1, alto 3, tenor 2, tenor 4; 3 trumpets - 1, 2,...

Folder B contains items in C Major. Seven page short score indicates parts for flute, clarinet, tenor, trombones. Three-page short score does not indicate instrumentation and appears incomplete. Part for 1 reed - alto 3. -- from the Duke Ellington Library.