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Oral history interview with Richard Shaw [videorecording]
Shaw, Richard, 1941 Sept. 12-
Karlstrom, Paul J.
1998 April 3 and 6
12 Items (Master: 12 videocassettes (Beta) (30 min. each), sd., col., 1/2 in.)
12 Items (Duplicate: 12 videocassettes (30 min. each) (VHS), sd., col., 1/2 in.)
1 Item (Edited version: "Richard Shaw : Love of the Common Object": 1 videocassette (60 min.) (Beta), sd., col., 1/2 in.)
1 Videocassettes (VHS) (Edited version: "Richard Shaw: Love of the Common Object" (10 min.), sd., col., 1/2 in.)
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Archives of American Art

An interview with Richard Shaw conducted 1998 April 3 and6, by Paul J. Karlstrom, for the Archives of American Art, at Shaw's home and studio, Fairfax, California, and at the Quay Gallery, San Francisco, California.