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Arwin Galleries records
Arwin Galleries (Detroit, Mich.)
8.7 Linear feet
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Archives of American Art

The records of Detroit art gallery Arwin Galleries measure 8.7 linear feet and date from 1948 to 1981. The collection comprises administrative records including sales, a financial ledger of artists' account consignment and loan records; personal and professional correspondence; artist files for Chuang Chi, Richard Kozlow, Ben and Bernarda Bryson Shahn, Jo Snyder, Russel Thayer, Adja Yunkers, and others; printed materials documenting the 1963 fire at the gallery, exhibitions, and other activities related to the gallery; artwork by Frederick Simper, Donald Snydor, and a few others; and photographic materials and moving images including photos of the Arwins, gallery artists, and exhibitions, and two film reels relating to the gallery fire.