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Elizabeth H. and Sarah S. Metcalf photograph collection relating to the Philippines
Metcalf, Elizabeth H. (collector and probable photographer)
circa 1890-1944
735 Prints (circa, albumen, platinum, cyanotype, and silver gelatin (some on postcard stock))
150 Postcards (circa, halftone, collotype, and chromolithograph)
560 Negatives (circa, nitrate)
175 Negatives (circa, glass)
85 Lantern slides (circa)
5 Linear feet (Manuscript material :)
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National Anthropological Archives

The collection comprises photographs documenting peoples of the Philippines, including Benguet, Bogobo, Igorot, Ifugao, Moro, and Negrito people and their environment. ALso included are photographs of the military presence in the Philippines. The photographs, including prints and postcards, were made or collected by Elizabeth H. and Sarah S. Metcalf during …

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