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Harris M. McLaughlin photographs of the Americas and Asia
McLaughlin, Harris M.
circa 1898-1941
12 Mounted prints (albumen)
370 Prints (circa, silver gelatin (including photographic postcards))
1 Print (collotype)
5 Negative rolls (nitrate, 35 mm)
2 Positive rolls (nitrate, 35 mm)
8 Prints (photogravure)
12 Postcards (color halftone, halftone, and color collotype)
2 Color prints
1 Panoramic print (color halftone)
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National Anthropological Archives

Photographs made and collected by Harris M. McLaughlin during his travels in the American southwest and other parts of North and South America, as well as Asia and Europe. Photographs made in Texas include images of the 1928 American Legion National Convention, the dirigible "Los Angeles" floating over San Antonio, the …