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MS 7053 Julian H. Steward field notes and other material
Steward, Julian Haynes, 1902-1972
Stirling, Matthew Williams, 1896-1975
Jenness, Diamond, 1886-1969
Brand, Donald D. (Donald Dilworth), 1905-1984
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ca. 1940
1,000 Items (ca. pages ca. 1000 pages)
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National Anthropological Archives

Includes:1) Census of Stuart Lake and other communities by family with data on traps; 2) Census by bands or reserves; 3) Notebook listing plant specimens and use (14 pages); 4) Miscellaneous notes 5) (Culture) element list, with notes; 6) Typed list of culture features apparently prepared for comparative purposes, not used; 7) List of specimens collected, July …