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Tony Stadhlman and Bud Morriss Souvenir Framed Photograph
1915, circa 1920s
0.07 Cubic feet (1 box, Photograph, gelatin silver cellulose acetate transparency (copied from a black and white halftone screened image) mounted in 0.45-inch thick black painted wood frame with rounded corners; thick, flocked, faded burgundy oval vignette mat; backed with text-printed brown paper., 3.4 x 4.25 x 0.45 inches)
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National Air and Space Museum Archives

This collection consists of three copies of a photograph of Anthony "Tony" Stadlman and Percy G. B. "Bud" Morriss seated in the cockpit of Morriss's Benoist flying boat in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The photograph, probably produced as a souvenir item at some time in the 1920s, is mounted in a small black-painted wood frame with a thick, flocked, oval mat, and carries this printed text on the reverse: "This is an authentic photograph taken in Grand Rapids, 1915, of P. G. B. (Bud) Morriss at the Controls of his Benoist Flying Boat, accompanied by his Chief mechanician, Tony Stadlman, who later became Superintendant of the Lockheed Airplane Company in Burbank."

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