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McCutcheon, Albert K.
bulk 1940-1949
0.36 Cubic feet ((1 box))
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National Air and Space Museum Archives

The Albert K. McCutcheon Collection consists of the following technical manuals and pamphlets: Identification and Tactical Functions of Naval Vessels: Student's Workbook, November 1943; Naval Vessels: Identification and Tactical Functions, July 1943; "Instrument Flying, August 1943; Pilots' Information File, November 1944; Instrument Flying: Basic and Advanced, January 1944; Aircraft Recognition Manual"; German Language Guide; Pocket Guide of Uniform Insignia; Handbook for Army Air Forces Officers; Going Back to Civilian Life, August 1945; Pocket Guide to The Cities of Southern France; Digest of Civil Air Regulations for Pilots; Identification and Tactical Functions of Aircraft Germany Student's Workbook, November 1943; When You Are Overseas These Facts are Vital, July 1943; related worksheets and charts, including one for Chemical Warfare Agents. There is also a January 1945 target map of Northern Germany which shows Allied and enemy air base numbers.