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Kimowan Metchewais [McLain] collection
Metchewais [McLain], Kimowan
871 Negatives (photographic)
1918 Slides (photographs)
989 Polaroid prints
15 Notebooks
0.8 Linear feet
1,496 Photographic prints
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National Museum of the American Indian

The collection of Kimowan Metchewais [McLain], significant First Nations artist, contains materials related to his artistic practice and his personal life. The materials include not only photographs of his art, completed and in-progress, but also sketchbooks and journal entries that give important context to his major works and artistic practices. The materials range from his early career in the early 1990s as a magazine editor to his solo and group exhibitions to his time as an art professor at various universities and images of his final works in 2011. McLain balanced both Western and Native artistic methods and history in his work, his archive provides valuable insight into the swiftly evolving and often contested world of contemporary Native American art.

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