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Hendricks-Hodge Hawikku Expedition photograph collection
Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation
1122 Negatives (photographic)
250 Photographic prints
4.25 Linear feet
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National Museum of the American Indian

This collection includes negatives and prints created between 1917 and 1923 during the Hendricks-Hodge Hawikku (Hawikuh) archaeological expedition on the A:shiwi (Zuni) Reservation in New Mexico. The expedition which was sponsored by the Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation, was one of the most extensive archaeological projects conducted at the time. Photographs in this collection were shot by Alanson B. Skinner, Frederick Webb Hodge, Edwin Francis Coffin, George Hubbard Pepper, Jesse L. Nusbaum, Donald Cadzow, and Victor Schindler. Many of the photographs in this collection have been restricted due to cultural sensitivity.