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circa 1899-1955
126 Chromolithographs (126 trade cards (13 sets))
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Eliot Elisofon Photographic Archives, National Museum of African Art

This collection consists of 126 chromolithographic trade cards (13 sets) published by the Leibig Company between 1899 and 1955. These trade cards were included with products sold in Europe, such as chicken soup and chocolate. The cards focus on African art and material culture and showcase distinctive ethnic types, artistic and craft traditions, cultural performance, dress/costume and leadership. Sets include In Transvaal, In Abyssinia, Scenes of Africa, In East Africa I, Madagascar, In East Africa II, Life Among the Congolese People, Wild Animals of the Congo, The Italian Empire, Congolese Craftsmanship, Hunting and Fishing in the Belgian Congo, Peoples of the Belgian Congo, and History of the Belgian Congo I-III. Captions on the cards appear in French, Italian and German.