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Folder 1 Pamphlets & Reprints by Abbot. Includes The Scientific Monthly (March 1946 "The Sun Makes The Weather"; June 1925 "Where Are The Stars?"; September 1926 "Religion And Man's Origin"; November 1946 "The Smithsonian In A World at War"; December 1926 "A Mountain Solar Observatory"; September 1940 "Utilizing Sun Rays"); Bulletin of The American Meteorological Society (December 1936, Volume 17 #12 "Solar Variations Are Real"; December 1940, Volume 21 # 21 "The Variation of the Sun and Weather"; March 1964 Volume 45 #3 "Precipitation at Nagpur India"); Science (August 5, 1949, Volume 110 #2849, "Precipitation Cycles"; Volume 78 #2032, "Sun-Spots and Weather"; Volume 45 #2478, June 26, 1942, "The Smithsonian Institution As An Illustration of Internationalism In Science"; Volume 96 #2497, November 6, 1942, "Smithsonian Enterprises"; Volume 104 #2693, August 9, 1946, "Astrophysical Contributions of the Smithsonian Institution"); Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (Volume 5, September 1919, "Recent Simultaneous Measurements of the Solar Constant of Radiation at Mt. Wilson, California, and Calama, Chile"; "Rotating Projectiles From Smooth - Bore Guns," September 1919, Volume 5; Volume 6, January 1920, "A New Method of Determining The Solar Constant of Radiation"; Volume 8 #7, "The Larger Results of 20 Years of Solar Radiation Observations," July 1922; Solar Variation, A Weather Element, Volume 56 #6, December 1966); The Astrophysical Journal (Volume 97, #1, January 1943, "Note on Dr. Sterne's Review of Volume VI of The Annals of the Astrophysical Observatory of the Smithsonian Institution"); The Yale Review, April 1927 "The Weather And Radiation"; The Journal of Solar Energy (Volume 1 #1, January 1957, "Weather And Solar Variation"; Volume II #1, January 1958, "Detailed Procedure Used in Abbot's Method of Long-Range Weather Forecasting"); The Bicentenary Number of the American Philosophical Societies Proceedings, Volume LXVI, 1927, "Accomplishments of Modern Astronomy"; Year Book 1937 of The American Philosophical Society "Carl Barus, 1856-1935"; Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society "Rainfall Variations"; Miscellaneous Smithsonian Articles ("Abbot's Solar Heat Collector"; "Studies of the Sun and Stars"; "Smithsonian Researches on Solar Radiation"; "Studying Sun Rays In Africa, Chile and California"; "As Langley Predicted, Experiments Show The Prolonged Influence of Solar Changes on Terrestrial Temperatures"; "Solar Variation and Weather - Review of Smithsonian Publication 4545"; "Electric Power From Sun Rays"; Smithsonian News Releases, 1936, 1939); Journal American Water Works Association, Volume 40 #7, July 1948, "The Sun And Precipitation"; Ohio State Univ. Bulletin, Volume XXXVI #3, September 15, 1931, "Solar Radiation"; Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences," Volume 70 #10, 1936 "Henry Larcom Abbot"; Special Applications and Methods "Smithsonian Temperature Methods"; Strahlentherapie, 1931 "Uber Temperaturen in Washington und Kurzperiodische Veranderungen in der Intensitat der Sonnenstrahlung"; "The Australian Solar Radiation Station"; Daily Science News Bulletin, December 28, 1922, "Who Will Promote Science?" Abbot; Booklets (Business Digest, April 1937, p. 7, "What's the Weather-Next Year," by Abbot; Journal of Chemical Education, March 1932, p. 416, "Solar Radiation," Abbot; The Scientific Monthly, August 1936, p. 108, "The Influence of Solar Variability on Weather," Abbot; Children of the American Revolution Magazine [March 1936, p. 5, "The Ward of Our Nation," by Abbot; March 1937, p. 8, "Using The Sun Rays, by Abbot]; Taylor Rochester 1st quarter, 1939, p. 24, "Solar Radiation Discoveries Indicate That Weather Repeats Itself Every 23 Years" -- about APO program; The Torch [Jan. 1935, p. 5, about Abbot; Oct. 1936, p. 61, para, about Abbot]; Science Digest, July 1939, p. 40, mentions Abbot; The Yale Review, Autumn 1935, "From C. G. Abbot"; The American Review of Reviews, p. 635, "The Smithsonian Institution at Work," by Abbot; Smithsonian Contributions To Astrophysics, Volume 3 #3, "The Solar Constant" by L. B. Aldrich & W. H. Hoover; The Astrophysical Journal [Volume L #4, November 1919, "On The Diffusing Action of The Sun's Gases As The Cause of The Apparently Sharp Solar Boundary," by Abbot; Volume LI #1, January 1920, "Observations of The Total Solar Eclipse of May 29, 1919," by Abbot; Volume XXXIII #2, March 1911, "The Pyrheliometric Scale," by Abbot & L. B. Aldrich; Volume XXXIII #3, April 1911, "The Value of The Solar Constant of Radiation," by Abbot & F. E. Fowle; Volume 93 #2, March 1941, "Frederick Eugene Fowle," by Abbot; Volume XII #1, July 1900, "A Preliminary Statement of The Results of the Smithsonian Observatory Eclipse Expedition," by Abbot; Volume XI #2, March 1900, "A Prison of Uniform Dispersion," Abbot & F. Fowle, Jr.; Volume LX, 1924 "Radiometer Measurements of Stellar Energy Spectra," by Abbot; Volume 82 #4, November 1935, "Charles Edward St. John," by Abbot; Volume XVIII, July 1903, "The Construction of A Sensitive Galvanometer For Spectrobolometric Purposes," by Abbot]; Proceedings of the National Academy of Science [Volume 19 #3, 3/33, p. 361, "Periodicities In Solar Variation," by Abbot & A. M. Bond; Volume 9 #6, June 1923, "The Solar Prelude of An Unusual Winter," by Abbot; Volume 6 #11, 11/1920, "New Observations on The Variability of the Sun," by Abbot; Volume #2, February 1920, "The Larger Opportunities For Research on The Relations of Solar and Terrestrial Radiaion, by Abbot; BIOGRAPHICAL MEMOIR OF (1) Henry Larcom Abbot; (2) Samuel Alfred Mitchell, by C. G. Abbot; Volume 56 #6, "Solar Variation A Weather Element," by Abbot]; National Geographic Magazine [February 1913, "Do Volcanic Explosions Affect Our Climate?," by Abbot; January 1926, "Measuring The Sun's Heat And Forecasting The Weather," by C. G. Abbot; October 1926, "Hunting and Observatory," by Abbot]; Quarterly Journal of The Royal Meteorological Society [Volume Lll #217, January 1926, "Measuring Sun Rays, by Abbot; Volume LXV #280, April 1939, "The Variations of The Solar Constant And Their Relation To Weather Reply to Paranjpe and Brunt," by C. G. Abbot]; Smithsonian Report for "Report on The Astrophysical Observatory" [1918; 1920; 1921; 1923; 1924; 1947; 1950; 1952]; 16) From "Explorations and Field Work of The Smithsonian Institution [1920 "Smithsonian Field-Work In Astrophysics"; 1923 "Field Work of The Astrophysical Observatory"; 1924 "Field Work of the Astrophysical Observatory In Chile, Arizona, & California"; 1926 "Field Work In Astrophysics"; 1929 "Observing The Energy of Sun Rays"; 1930 "Studying The Sun"]; Journal of Terrestrial Magnetism and Atmospheric Electricity, April 1928, #3, p. 149, "Variations of Solar Radiation, by Abbot; Physical Review, Volume V #26, August 1897, "On the Relation Between The Osomolic Pressure and The Vapor Pressure of Colutions," by A. A. Noyes & C. G. Abbot; The American Journal of Science, Volume II, 1896 "The Longitudinal Aberration of Prisms," , by Abbot & F. E. Fowle, Jr.; Transactions, Volume 95, 1931, p. 1013, paragraph by Abbot; A Supplement to the Geographical Review, Volume XIII #4, October 1923, p. 669, "Solar Radiation," by C. G. Abbot; Revista Geagrafica Tomo III, 1943, "Solar Variation and Weather"; Zvlastni Otisk, "Some Periodicities In Solar Physics And Terrestrial Meteorology," by C. G. Abbot, 1938; Journal of The Franklin Institute, June 1914 "The Radiation of The Sun," by C. G. Abbot; Gerlands Beitrage zur Geophysik, Bd. XVI Heft 4, Lepzig, 1927 "Smithsonian Solar Radiation Researches," by C. G. Abbot; "The 1900 Solar Eclipse Expedition of The Astrophysical Observatory of the Smithsonian Institution" publ. #1439; Bestimmung des osmotischen Druckles mittles Dampfdruckmessungen, by Arthur A. Noyes & C. G. Abbot; Sonderabdruck aus dem XLIV Jahresbericht des Sonnblick - Vereines, 1935 "Die Strahlungsmerstation der Smithsonian Institution auf dem Mt. St. Katherine," by C. G. Abbot; Comptes rendus des seances de l'Academie des Sciences CXXXI, p. 734, 1900 "Sur les derniers resultats obtenus dans l'etude de la partie infra-rouge du spectre solaire" by S. P. Langley.
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