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Folder 1 Scrapbook II, 1934-1942, "A-N." Consists of photographs of Smithsonian employees and buildings, Federal Triangle buildings, Washington cityscape and landscape, and art exhibitions. Includes photographs of Charles G. Abbot; Lillian Moore Abbot; Jimmie Atwell, Shadyside, Maryland; Allen Meriden; Lucile Torrey Barrett, National Gallery of Art librarian; Paul Bartsch; Lenhard Stejneger; Charles Bittinger; Herbert S. Bryant; T. T. Belote; James Berm; Tom Brown; Charles L. Bowie, Jr.; Albert B. Bibb; Theodore Bolton; Mrs. Theodore Bolton; Jean Lambert (Mrs. Thomas Brockway); George Clark; Thomas T. Clark; Frank H. Cole; William Crossingham; Richard R. Chaney; Benjamin Chambers; Frederick Carder; Leland B. Clark; W. L. Corbin; Tom Clark; Leila Forbes Clark; C. R. Denmark; Harry W. Dorsey; W. W. Dorsey; Jo Davidson, sculptor; Mrs. George Morrison Dupre; _____ DeRoose; F. K. Detwiller; W. H. Egberts; Bjorn P. Egeli, portrait painter; Ernest R. Ford; F. E. Fowle; Hubert Friedmann; Bertha Ferguson; Messrs. Farrell (plumber), Keefer and Firman (guards); Charles E. Fairman, art curator of the Capitol; Leonard C. Gunnell; Gordan Grant; Walter Hough; J. H. Hill; Sammy Hawkes, Hawkes Glass Company, Corning, New York; _____ Hoover, Radiation & Organisms; John D. Howard; Helen H. Hogan; William F. Jackson; George Johnson; Earl S. Johnston; William W. Johnson; Neil M. Judd; Garnet W. Jex; _____ Kirk; Andrew Kramer, mechanic; _____ Friel, Anacostia Motor Company; A. Remington Kellogg; Herbert Krieger; Philip B. Keefer; _____ Kauffman; Clarisa Kennedy, Nellie Tolman's cousin; Edward Kirby; William Alexander Knowles; Frederick L. Lewton; Robert Le Fevre; _____ Locke, White House; F. E. Lees; John E. Lodge; Rowland Lyon; Henry F. W. Meyer; Mourse C. Moxley; _____ McCake, plasterer; Josephine McDevitt; Robert E. Motley; Carl Mitman; _____ McAlister; Frank J. Mather, Jr.; Norman T. A. Munder; Benson B. Moore; Leila Mechlin, Evening Star reporter; James Nevin Miller; Gerrit S. Miller; Florence E. Meier (Mrs. William W. Chase); Hirst Mulhollen, Print Division, Library of Congress; Helen McCormack, Valentine Museum, Richmond, Virginia; Elizabeth Muhlhofer; C. Powell Minnegerode; Charles Frederick Naegele; and Jesse W. Nicholson, Internal Revenue. Also includes photographs of Corning Glass Works, exterior and interior views of factory; views of Charleston, South Carolina; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania State Capitol building, interior and exterior views, including sculpture groups by George Gray Barnard; Massachusetts Avenue residence of Andrew Mellow (home of National Trust now); and National Geographic lecture hall.
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