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J. F. Gates Clarke Oral History Interviews, 1986

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Covers his graduate education in entomology and early career at USDA, especially research and experiences at USNM, c. 1922-1937, including: Studies with Trevor Kincaid using UW collections; wildlife research by Elizabeth Halpin; graduate work in entomology at WSU; teaching ornithology and eugenics classes at WSU; M.S. in entomology, 1931, from WSU with thesis on Microlepidoptera of Washington State; observations by Axel Leonard Melander and Francis Marion Webster of insect resistance to pesticides; early contacts with August Busck and Carl Heinrich at the USNM; revision of North American Oecophoridae, 1941; part-time work as a pharmacist; courtship and marriage of Thelma Miesen Clarke and her assistance in his work; early publications and effects of work on family life; birth of first child in 1934, second in 1938; receipt of National Research Council grants; development of personal library; graduate work at Cornell University in 1936; financial straits as graduate student and support from William T. M. Forbes; trip to USNM to visit collections, subsequent death of Foster H. Benjamin, and in 1936 offer to Clarke of position as lepidopterist at USDA; reminiscences of other graduate students and professors at Cornell; offer of directorship of Provincial Museum and refusal in order to become a United States citizen; appointment to USDA staff at USNM in 1936; reminiscences of early years at USDA, including department, colleagues, and collecting; visit to George P. Engelhardt and Bundt meeting; USDA job duties, such as determinations, research, and curation; and reflections on his supervisor, Carl F. W. Meusebeck.