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J. F. Gates Clarke Oral History Interviews, 1986

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Covers his experiences at the British Museum, transfer from USDA to USNM, administration of the new Department of Entomology, relations with Waldo LaSalle Schmitt, plans for a National Institute of Entomology, and relations with SI administration, c. 1945-1965, including: Tenure at British Museum (Natural History) describing the Edward Meyrick Collection with assistance from John D. Bradley and others; acquisitions from England, especially Adrian Hardy Haworth Collection of English Torticidae Moths, Brighton Museum Collection of Microlepidoptera, and duplicates from Meyrick Collection; quality of NMNH collection of European Lepidoptera, including the Hoffman, B. Hamfelt, and Jackh collections; Eighth International Entomological Congress in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1948; confusion over invitation to 150th anniversary of the Royal Institution; improving USNM-British Museum relations and comparison of library services; 1948 USDA budget crisis; reminiscences of museum staff and administration; appointment as head curator of Division of Insects in 1954 and opposition by Waldo LaSalle Schmitt; Smithsonian-Bredin Caribbean Expedition to the West Indies in 1956; subsequent friendship with Schmitt; creation of separate Department of Entomology in 1963; reflections on staff reorganization and expansion; creation of Arachnologist position filled by Ralph E. Crabill, Jr.; changes in SI administration in the 1960s; problems with secretary, Kathleen T. Perkins, and subsequent falling out with Crabill; and appointment as Senior Scientist, 1965. Appendix A: Proposed Program for the Division of Insects, Smithsonian Institution, 1954-1955.