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Smallpox Virus Sequencing Project Videohistory Collection, 1991

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Was recorded at the Receptor Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Section of the Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology, NINDS, NIH. Venter, Mahy, Kerlavage, Liu, Utterback, and Selivanov discussed the history of the smallpox sequencing project and demonstrated the process for sequencing the Bangladesh 1975 virus, c. 1991, including: Demonstration of diluting samples, robot dispensing samples, centrifuging and heat treating of samples, and pipetting samples into Applied Biosystems, Inc. (ABI) DNA Sequencer; discussion of procedures for sequencing the virus; weekly Smallpox Group meeting; Mahy's biographical data; history of smallpox virulency; WHO's plans to eradicate smallpox and 1979 announcement of worldwide eradication; history of the 1986 decision to destroy all stocks of the virus; CDC's proposal for sequencing the smallpox virus; formation of the WHO Pox Committee; Venter's biographical data; collaboration with the NINDS laboratory; training of an international team for making templates, growing the virus, cloning and mapping the data; utility of mapping the virus; probability that the virus could be reconstructed with the genetic sequence; potential uses of DNA sequencing for understanding the HIV virus; security measures to ensure worldwide destruction of smallpox virus and plans for the 1993 destruction; discussion of the various technologies used by NINDS; Venter's work on sequencing genes from the brain; development and use of GENBANK; DNA sequencing patent issues; Human Genome Project; and computer processing of smallpox sequencing data. Visual documentation included: Instrument Room of the Section of Receptor Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, NINDS; ABI DNA Sequencers; dilution of smallpox virus samples for loading onto robot; pipetting samples into DNA sequencer; sequencing data on computer monitor; Smallpox Group meeting; template making; computer room; initial editing and assembly of the sequencing data; final data analysis; and Variola Bangladesh 1975 Virus Genome map.