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Curtis W. Sabrosky Oral History Interviews, 1988

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Covers USDA and NMNH staff; the formulation and evolution of the first and second Code; growth of the Diptera collections of Smithsonian and USDA; and involvement in the ESA, including: Reminiscences about Roland Wilbur Brown and the book he wrote on paleontology; Serge Mamet, Francis Hemming, and Al Ruffin; the ICZN, the Code and Paris, France, meeting of 1948; reactions of Richard Eliot Blackwelder, J. Chester Bradley, and Sabrosky published in Science, to changes in the Code; Zoology Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1953 and resulting publication of Copenhagen Decisions on Zoological Nomenclature; Chester Bradley and preparation of the "Bradley draft" of the Code with J. Douglas Hood; demonstration of issues with the Code, citing example of naming species by Brigadier W. H. Evans; discussion of Richard V. Melville as secretary of the ICZN; story of Article 23B on Fifty-year Rule at the Copenhagen Congress; recollections of interactions of Ernst Mayr and Bob Usinger; discussions on the second Code, the individuals on the committee, and similarities of the French and English Code; discussion of and members of the Society of Systematic Zoology including Blackwelder's participation; purchase of Stanley S. W. Bromley collection by USDA; work on role of flies as possible vector for polio; work in Cairo, Egypt, studying fly infestation and effects of treatments, residual sprays, and the possibility of developing resistance, and species Musca he found; discussion of Muesebeck's retirement; proposition of and failure to create National Institute of Systematics; changes in location of USDA staff across Washington, D.C., area; discussion of the growth of the Diptera collection over the years, with specific collections named; purchase and shipment of the Nikolai I. Baranov Collection from Pakistan; and reminiscences about Museum Registrar, Helena M. Weiss.