Query: Monumama (Congo)
Blake Robinson photographs and postcards
12 Negatives (photographic) (dupe negs, black & white, 4 x 5 in.)
115 Postcards (1 volume)
12 Photographic prints ((1 album), black & white, 13 x 18 cm. or smaller.)
12 Photographic prints (dupe prints (1 v.), black & white, 8 x 10 in.)
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Eliot Elisofon Photographic Archives, National Museum of African Art

Photographic album purchased by Blake Robinson in 1961 from the Charlejean Studio in Brazzaville, Congo. These images are of great interest as the images were most likely taken by an African photographer. Images include three of rivers scenes, two of funeral ceremonies, one each of a President and a press conference, three of modern house interiors and one aerial of Monumama. 42 postcards are from the city and surrounding countryside of Mogadishu, Somalia and depict architecture and wildlife. Evidence of Italian and Islamic influences appear in the urban scenes of Mogadishu's schools, banks, burial grounds, places of worship and legislative building. People pictured in the background are seen in mostly European clothing. A few scenes of the countryside include Somali herders in their traditional garments. Postcards of wildlife illustrate elephants, wart hogs, lions, buffalo, antelope and a leopard. 73 postcards depict scenes of urban and rural living in Chad, Nigeria, Liberia, Senegal, Cote d'Ivoire, Congo and Morocco. Images include market places, aerial views of Goree and Liberian basket weavers.

in EEPA.1997-012 for Monumama (Congo)