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Terence Turner papers
Turner, Terence
bulk 1964-2008
56.6 Linear feet (100 document boxes, 4 half-document boxes, 21 shoe boxes, 1 oversize box, and 10 map folders)
86 Sound cassettes
72 Sound tape reels (5")
21 Sound tape reels (3")
4 Sound cassettes (microcassette)
3 Sound tape reels (7")
157 Videocassettes (VHS)
48 Videocassettes (MiniDV)
11 Videodiscs (DVD)
10 Videocassettes (U-matic)
6 Electronic discs (DVD)
2 Film reels (Approximately 3200 feet)
1 Videocassettes (VHS-C)
1 Videocassettes (Hi8)
1 Videocassettes (Video 8)
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National Anthropological Archives

Terence "Terry" Sheldon Turner (1935-2015) was best known for his ethnographic work among the Mebêngôkre (Kayapó) people of the Amazon rainforest and his work as an activist for the Mebêngôkre and other communities. This collection documents his interest in the Mebêngôkre and his work as a human rights activist. It includes field notes, censuses, papers, notes, correspondence, news clippings, sound recordings, films, photographs, charts and diagrams, genealogy and kinship information, and computer discs.

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